in Language

On Earth, I pretend to obey.

On Earth, I pretend to obey. I used to think the commands were Their fault, that there was a conspiracy against me. Now I know it’s not so simple. It’s no one’s fault. It’s the Earth. We were all born into this. This is the ground: But, it is my choice to remain here. It is my choice to obey, to comply. I only pretend to obey. I am saving up, biding my time, getting ready for the big jump-off.

This world, our “mother,” is impure. It’s doomed. And I’m leaving before then. I’ve been all over, tried all the countries. Even Antarctica. It was very cold there. And it wasn’t any different. It’s the same in every land. The whole world is filthy. I’m saving up for a space-ship. I’m starting all over again somewhere else.

Of course, last time people found a new world, what did they do with it? They turned it into their old world, and made all the same mistakes over again, albeit with greater efficiency.

So you see, there is no such thing as history. There is only repetition. Tic-tac-toe without end.
What if I never stop anywhere? What if I just keep going?

I must simply decide, and then take a step.

Will I be like the moon?
Or will I be like the sun?
Or what about a COMET!?


The preceding was an excerpt from
Everybody says the same bullshit in all lands and through all ages.
(Full script available here.)


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