in Rather Talk About It

Lex and Deepti

I just found a letter that I wrote to Kara Walker from Delhi in 2006, but never mailed.
Maybe I will send it to her when i get back to New York?


Kara Walker
Professor of Professional Practice
Columbia University
School of Arts
310 Dodge Hall
New York, NY 10027-1754

December 1, 2006

Dear Professor Walker,
I would like to speak with you.

I cannot guarantee that you would gain from speaking with me, but I will do my best to ensure that you will enjoy your time.

I am writing a novel. Rather, I am talking, and writing, a novel. In fact, it is called I’d rather talk about it and is constructed as a collage of conversations between two novelists — Lex and Deepti — and withpeople that they meet along their travels through India.

They have arrived in Delhi, and now they have met a character (i.e. a completely fictional person, not at all based on anyone I’ve conversed with.) This character, Dr. Berkman, is a true free-thinker, or a bit of a wing-nut, or a complete nut-job, depending upon one’s point of view, or date of birth. (The Doctor is an Aquarius, Deepthi is a Libra and Lex is a Gemini.)

Here is the Doctor in his own words:  [Insert quote where Dr. Berkman is talking about authority, reason, dogma, taboo.]

And, how did such a character arrive in Delhi?  [Write this passage and insert it here, story of television appearances, cezanne, kara walker, masters of the universe] 

I imagine that, in writing his book, the Doctor would have sought to speak with you. Likewise, I do so now.  If you are interested, please call or email and we could agree to a scenario and come up with a time.

Best wishes,

Alexis Bhagat

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