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NOVEMBER 7, 2012 1:15am

O’Reilly: That point? I mean, Obama, never.

Romney: Government should give it to them. And who are with him? Who fights to become America’s president is after the income tax. Even you know you are not to worry anymore. Women sense the matter of Obama no matter what. These are people who want health care and food. He knows it and he ran on it. Lo and behold, all right. These people will vote for this president. Obviously the evening is stacked. Let’s exit. The president lives.

O’Reilly: But, Mr. Romney, it’s hard to know who’s even your country anymore. Did it ever mean all these voters? There’s too many voters! Years ago, this was all hypothetical. How many really voted for the President this evening? I mean, real people, from this country. The president was voted in by some brotherhood. That’s what I mean. They should lose the vote forever, but they didn’t and now they are changing Obama’s approval. He is the source for sure of the stuff they want. You’re white, you should be President!

Romney: Bill, you’ve read Herodotus.

O’Reilly: The Father of History!

Romney: Look at country. There are 47 percent of the you-make-it, I-take-it now. And never mind what percent of it used to be a hot military spouse. They gave Obama a job, and now re-elected him, so they are entitled to things. Who’s going to do candidates anymore?

O’Reilly: Between your ratings and mine, we were so to defeated. Let’s hear what the President had to say:

Obama: Love and charity and give them a responsibility to the hispanic changing. Things in their head which people who will vote for the President wake up to. Now that no one has a job, we won’t call that an entitlement. And the economic system? You give them coffee. Who is working the phones? Think it will overwhelming them? That this that. You can’t face over a public who want stuff. Go home.

O’Reilly: Wise words from President Obama there. He can convince them they should take no pay when you’ve got some coffee. People do feel establishment, do you agree?

Romney: Coffee puts you to sleep and that’s the problem you see. It’s a tremendous matter of who does it or who says we will fight for a traditional White Establishment because we integrated it. Bush did this. I’m not supposed to say his name but the White Establishment used to be much stronger. We’ve got to admit that it’s George Bush who still won. Like coffee with cream, you pour too much cream, and patriotism may be strong, but then they ask the government for stuff.

O’Reilly: What’s if Mitt Romney were the voice of people who want things? You would probably be president!

Romney: How did it get this tight, Bill? That they believe government gives breaks for these minorities? And White Establishment is now whining that they are victims. Who can believe in personal responsibility anymore?

O’Reilly: Against them we are martyrs now. The only thing that can save us is demographics. You were right and who is patriotic will have many white babies like you, Mitt Romney.

Romney: Now you’ll hear what 47 percent like to hear. Deep patriotism when they think it’s not black. In reality, wrong is wrong. There are much cream in it, and you are entitled to it. Housing, health-care, solar panels, you-name-it! Now they care for them, who believe that they blind.

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