in Orphans

This is the time of Mnenosyne

The Eagle poised around the Snake. Walls otherwise undecorated. Sitting, slouched on puffy face. And how did Sloat Fresno get here? Pulque.
Tuna. Coffee. Gunfights. The Age of Drug Dealers will pass, but what will Warlords deal then? Google Glass? Credit Ratings? Memories?
This is the time of Mnemosyne, of the transition–what will fit in the Ark!!?  Spartacus–or gladiator–whatever, the hero as noble slave who wins in Mortal Kombat. Now Obedient, no struggle: The One True God has sent a Message. Emzara, daughter of Rachel, that is, Naama, that is, Jennifer Connelley, such a Good Wife. He will send a flood. To drown you all.

Motherfucker. Apresmoiledeluge.

– Journal Entry. June 1, 2014

Construction of Noah's Art

Jacopo Bassano – “Construction of Noah’s Ark”

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