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Spring is a time for new beginnings. This blog, which has been slumbering for three years, re-awakens.

I’ve scrapped the previous categories that organized posts in this blog. The original top-level categories of this blog – Language / Sound / Space – were the keywords that defined my art practice from school through 2007 or so, and fit well enough with my concerns from 2007 – 2013, while I was working on and presenting An Atlas, actively building ((audience)), and working as an assistant to great scribblers. They have little relevance to my new life where I read far more picture books than art history books, and attend far more playdates than concerts. I’m re-organizing the categories to better reflect the actual entries in the journal where I scribble.
These new top-level categories have been arbitrarily linked to the days of the week.
 O rphans                Mondays
 R evelations         Tuesdays
 A ctions                  Wednesdays
 C onversations   Thursdays
 L exigraphies      Fridays
 E pistles                 Saturdays
 S ound                    Sunday


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