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The Localest Profile

Dear Andrea
So, I’m taking a business class (can you believe it?!?)
It’s surprisingly interesting! Every week, I learn to see interactions/problems/processes in new ways, ways I never did before. (This is why you shouldn’t trust anyone over 40. Am I in this class to prepare for my typical “mature” betrayal of principles? We’ll find out)
Commerce is this kind of vision. But, then I wonder how many varieties of vision can co-exist? If I put on my spectacles, I don’t see the soft edges of myopia anymore. Does one perspective replace another? What forms of vision am I losing as I learnt to see with the perspective of commerce? (That’s a big question, and not the point right now.)
Every week there are guest speakers: last night, it was Melanie Beam from Populuxe Marketing.
She was explaining “the local web” to us and how we ought to use the local web and social media. After a quick show of hands for “who uses Google+?” (answer: zero) she dropped this shocking prophecy. “As new entrepreneurs, all of you are going to be using Google+ soon. And by 2016, Google+ will overtake all other social networks.”
I can’t wrap my mind around that “one-ring-to-rule-them-all” thinking… but Melanie’s talk really sunk deep into my head. In my dream last night, it was 2006: George Bush was still the president, and Carol Parkinson had just offered me a job at Harvestworks to create the “Plan for New Tellus Distribution via MySpace“. When I woke up, I felt really sad about all of the photos that were once on my “Friendster” page that I never kept copies of.
Melanie must have hypnotized us, because as soon as I got out of bed, i went downstairs and “claimed my Google+ page” even tho I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it. Aren’t there any alternatives?

A quick look at my twitter revealed that all through my twitterverse, people were spending the day thinking about the alternatives. That “Next Social Network” article from last November was having another day of bumps and shares.

Not surprising that it keeps on coming back. It has a snappy title, and it reveals a scandalous truth about De-Facing

Facebook may say its user base is growing, but original members from the last decade appear to be leaving in droves. As more niche networking services and platforms enter the space, people are finding that not any one company is serving all of their networking needs. Our tastes and channels are becoming fragmented, and users are pushing back on accepted norms in the social media space.
The comments there kept talking about this mysterious Diaspora. But I know that De-Facing really means getting back to that New Social Network that you and I cooked up along with a mess of shrimp back in 2012… the New Social Network!

Image from Think Play Today

Since we only posted it on Facebook, and I’m now afraid that all of that information will someday be deleted like the Friendster layer, I’m posting it here, in the hopes that other people get out Magic Makers (or just chalk) to put up their profiles!
The New Social Network is wherever your Profile is on a Wall
(so people can post there!)

The New Social Network is made for you, and is brought to you by the Producers of Brunch, and Dinner!

The New Social Network uses LIGHT to project your actual profile (everyone already has one!) and uses MAGIC MARKER to fix your Profile to a Wall!
Once your Profile is on a Wall, your friends (and passersby) can Post on it!
The New Social Network also has messaging features like COC (Chat Over Coffee) and CNC (chat-n-chew) not found on Old (online) Social Networks like Friendster or Facebook. Also, our IHC (instant hook up) has been voted more gratifying than OKCupid by all living people.
Join the New Social Network today! You already have a profile!
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