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Please do not forward that letter to Americans

Dear Hunter,

Thank you for introducing me to your friends.

Please do not forward that letter to anyone who is not Canadian.

It was written for an audience in that socialist province whose total population is smaller than New York City’s, where the electoral majority happens to be a historically subjugated population, so the government still finds it expedient to “care” for the elderly, the newborn and the unemployed people and otherwise share the wealth in one of those 20th century “deals” that have disappeared elsewhere.

We would never have written such a letter to people in the United States, where the biggest Deal we are still suffering was to create a jobs and urban development program built on mining bodies from select zip codes, destroying families and conducting ethnic cleansing through clandestine, convoluted and essentially legal means.

If we were writing that letter to Americans, would need to address founding abstractions, above all, “equality”, in order to connect the culture of punishment to this bus station where passengers get a little taste of lock-up every night in a large room that has the same god-damn vending machines that you’ll find in Great Meadow (where Herman sits for too long), Bare HIll (where my father lost his teeth), Green Haven (where the Think Tank was first thunk), Attica.

If we were writing to Americans, we would first make clear exactly what is –as your friends put it– “fucked” because a massive machinery of cop-shows and CSI and other forms of propaganda have been working to weave a lie that we’re all created equal and “it’s all your fault.”



ps: budgets are shrinking… times are changing?


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