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COMMON CAPTURE: Keyhole Excavations* in Media Archeology
WHEN: 1pm – 6pm ,Saturday, February 15, at Media Lounge, Joliet Room
Hilton. Chicago. Part of Uncommon Commons

PARTICIPANTS: Collaborative Projects (Represented by Alexis Bhagat, Proxy)

A pop-up kiosk, “Common Capture: Keyhole Excavations in Media Archaeology” represents both the subject and object of a recent exhibition and media archiving project at the New Museum in New York City called “XFR STN.” The VHS collection of the MWF Video Club, a co- op “store” of the artists ́ group Colab (Collaborative Projects, Inc.) that ran from 1986–2000, was the catalyst for an open-door digital transfer station. During summer of 2013, the local community of moving image artists were invited to use an ensemble of state-of-the-art digital archiving platforms to preserve their work in obsolete formats with the condition that the results be uploaded to for common use. In the CC:KEMA stand, an old-school VHS video lounge represents the MWF Club, and an online station links to XFR materials on

This is a public offering.

Tickets are free, but if you want them anyway, you can get them, here.

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