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um… Talking about Zwischenlaute

Emmanuel Madan and I had a beer in Poland and discussed Zwischenlaute, the project he is currently working on at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien.

Interview to be posted on Monday, June 10th, with links

Here is a short tease…

ab: You’ve been assembling these sounds already? Could you enact a few for us right now?

em: I just have to keep talking. Before long you’ll hear them.

ab: You’re going to run through the whole gamut of them?

em: No. I have my particular set and everyone has their particular set. That’s part of what’s interesting about them.

ab: Let’s hear some…

em: …Uhhh… she wants to come… There! There was one!

ab: Which one?

em: Before I said the word “she”. Did you notice it?

 ab: No. I didn’t hear it. Do it again.

 em: Well, you’ll hear it on the recording. (laughs)

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