KNOW Reading – 1989

The KNOW Reading Series presents Alexis Bhagat performing 1989 – book two of Politics and Other Words 

on January 12, 2019
1:30 to 3:00pm

at Excelsior Pub
54 Philip St
Albany, NY 12202

The KNOW Reading Series is a new series in Albany, NY organized by dgls.n.rthschld dedicated to exploring the work of one featured writer: one reader, one hour, one piece, series, or theme.

Politics and Other Words is a memoir wherein Bhagat remembers the meaning of the word “politics” at different points in his life, beginning around age five, and pursuing various tangents that come up. 1989 includes the Tompkins Square Park riot of August 1988, teenage reflections on the end of the Cold War, and politics as indicated in anarchist-influenced punk music, 5%-Nation-influenced hip-hop, and communist inspired mural art.

Alexis Bhagat is a writer operating in the art world. His latest letters and emails are sent daily. He works as the Executive Director of the Albany Public Library Foundation, and is a member of St. Rocco’s Poetry Collective in Albany, New York.

A small print edition of 1989 will be available for purchase at the reading for $10, as well as a few remaining copies of Mongolia (Book One of Politics and Other Words.)

Mongolia is also available at Printed Matter.

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